Frequently Asked Questions

Question : Are your products ready-made clothing? Is it special sewing?

Answer : The models and designs of all our products belong to us. We sew it all up after the order.


Question : When will my product be shipped?

Answer : Our average delivery time is 7-10 business day.

If you have an emergency, we can help you according to our intensity if you contact us.


Question : Which size should I prefer?

Answer : Our patterns are raft according to ready-made clothing. We recommend that you consider the size chart in the description section of each product.


Question: Which shipping company do you work with?

Answer : Yurtiçi cargo


Question: How should I wash my products?

Answer : All of our fabrics are very sensitive because they are 100% cotton. You should wash everted at a maximum of 30 degrees


Question: How should I dry my products, can I use a drying machine?

Answer : You should never use a dryer. You need to dry it old-fashioned:)

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